Der Vacufit Body Performer hilft aktiv und unterstützend bei Deinem Figur- und Gesundheitstraining, verkürzt die Regenerationszeit und optimiert das körperlichen Gleichgewicht

"The Vacufit Body Performer helps actively to support your figure and health training, shortens the recovery time and optimizes the physical balance"

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Good shape

Good shape – good health

Firm skin and tight connective tissue. How do you exercise? A tight connective tissue  
is important for our figure and for our health. If the connective tissue is not firm enough, fat cells can inflate. So-called "depot fats" can accumulate and cause the unwelcome fat pads.

Belly, legs and bottom
When the connective tissue becomes flaccid, the so-called "physiological muscle pump" does not work sufficiently because it lacks the connective tissue counterpressure. As a result, less lymph flows, which can cause cellulite. More and more, venous reflux can also be affected. The consequences may be spider veins, varicose veins or congestion.

Now it is recommended to specifically train the connective tissue and the vessels. Numerous qualified fitness and health clubs already give you special offers.

Here you get the -original- Vacufit® vascular training. An important component for your health and for a good figure.
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Good health

Keep the pace!

Weak veins, tired feet, leg pain or circulatory problems? Did you know that...?

... Every second German citizen dies from a heart attack or stroke? This is usually the result of arteriosclerosis.

... that almost one in five suffers from circulatory disorders in the legs? Particularly affected are people over 50 and diabetics. The consequences are pain during prolonged walking (intermittent claudication) or limited performance.

... according to a large health study conducted by the Robert Koch Institute, about 90% of adults suffer from weak veins. The signs are spider veins, varicose veins or tired and swollen feet and legs.

You should definitely become active and prevent it in time. In any case, it is recommended to specifically train the vessels and the good blood circulation.

By the way: A simple test can provide information about your risk and a possible circulatory disorder: the ankle-arm index. The test lasts only a few minutes and is offered in leading fitness and health clubs.

Here you get the -original- Vacufit® vascular training. An important component for your health and for a good figure.
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Healthy regeneration

Healthy regeneration!

The extra performance for all performance and recreational athletes! Regeneration

... is the process that leads to the recovery of the physical state of balance after each workout.

Every high-performance athlete knows that the right regeneration is just as important as the training itself. This is the only way to achieve optimal performance. After each workout you need to give your body time to recover sufficiently. It must be able to break down excess lactates and fully develop the repair mechanisms of the muscles. It also includes the adequate supply of your muscles with nutrients and oxygen.
This applies to those who are just beginning their training too. In any case, it is advisable to actively stimulate blood circulation and the removal of metabolic waste products via the lymphatic system after training.

Here you get the -original- Vacufit® vascular training. An important component for your health and to increase your performance in interaction with your training.
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A GOOD FIGURE AND GOOD HEALTH AS A SALARY INCREASE It is way cheaper to invest in health than to pay for medical expenses. The politicians and health insurances also know that. For this reason, health promotion measures (BGM) are supported. As an employee, your company can give you tax-free up to 44 € per month (528 € / year) for your personal health training. The advantage for your company is healthier employees, less sick leave and a higher attractiveness as an employer.
So: how about a "salary increase" in terms of more fitness and health? Your coach will be happy to advise you!

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